Altéir Consulting

Strategy & Innovation advisory in Banking, Insurance, Fintech, Payments and Telcos since 2000

Created in 2000 by Laurent Nizri, Altéir Consulting is an advisory firm specialized in strategy & innovation,
working more specificaly in banks, insurance, telco, Fintech & digital finance in general.

From strategy plans to business models, including partner selection (supplying or M&A), orga optimization, and key project lead, we are here to support you to build your own future.

In 24 years since creation, we developped real key expertises in many fields such as digital transformation, omni channel customer relationship management, new markets / new businesses, means of payment and Fintech. With more than 300 missions for 100+ customers in Europe & Asia, our references talk for us.

Co-founders in 2011 of the Payment & Fintech club, then in 2015 of the Paris Fintech Forum, the main Fintech & digital finance event in Europe, we are by essence at the heart of digital transformation in bank & insurance industry and meet each year hundreds of Fintech disrupting the ecosystem. 

It is now up to you to learn more...